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Co-Secretary General Walid Phares Delivers Briefing in European Parliament

On April 3rd, Co-Secretary General of the Transatlantic Parliamentary Group Dr. Walid Phares was hosted by the EIN in the European Parliament for a lunch discussion on policy towards the Mediterranean following US midterm elections.  

Phares briefed the group of MEPs on a variety of complex issues in the Mediterranean, including Libya, Syria, Algeria, Turkey and the subsequent migration movements from those areas, as well as Iran and the Gulf. He explained the recent policies of the Trump administration on each topic, and projected a coming union between the EU and the United States regarding Turkey.  

Phares was joined by MEP Paolo Rengel (Portugal), former MEP Guillermo Martinez-Casáñ (Portugal), MEP Heinz Becker (Austria), MEP Elisabete Gardini (Italy), MEP Andrey Kovatchev (Bulgaria), MEP Christian Dan Preda (Romania), MEP Tokia Saifi (France), MEP Dubravka Suica (Croatia), MEP Mairead McGuinness (Ireland), and MEP Francis Zammit Dimech (Malta).

Phares thanks the EIN, particularly former MEP Guillermo Martinez-Casáñ and his staff.


TAG Delegation from European Parliament to Visit Washington, D.C. in December 2019

Co-Chair MEP Paolo Rangel and Co-Secretary General Guillermo Martinez-Casáñ announced that a delegation from European Parliament will travel to Washington, D.C. in December 2019 for a summit of TAG.